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My painting SARA was lovingly gifted to me by my dear friend Sash Ka. This painting holds very personal and deep seated emotions for me as it is a representation of my daughter Sara. Sash Ka captured her spirit and vibrancy in such a skillful way and it reflects the multiple aspects of her personality beautifully. This special piece of art hangs in my bedroom so I see it everyday and it never fails to make me smile. I feel the love of Sara and Sash Ka in every brush stroke.

Private Client


Echo Echo Studios was privileged to be the host of “Strata”, Sashka Sheils’ first major solo exhibition of paintings in Autumn 2017. Her work is remarkably visceral and layered and I think her deep interest in movement shows in its dynamic and passionate quality.

The work is only abstract in the sense that it is not figurative or descriptive. That term fails completely to address the way that each painting is so full of its own nature that it stops being about something or pointing at something and rather just becomes a concrete “thing” in itself, with its own compositional integrity. It feels a bit like each work is a living organism.

Some works are lighter and some heavier in their feel, and this means that as well as having a powerful existence as individual works they hang together very beautifully to create an overall landscape of a selection of different ecosystems existing alongside each other in what feels like must be a vast continent, most of which remains invisible.

We are very happy to be able to look after one of the artist’s paintings, COMPLETE, which is hung on the wall in the reception area of the studio. The work is dedicated to the co-founder of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company, Ursula Laeubli, who died in 2011.

Steve Batts

Artistic Director, Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company


Serene, tranquil, peaceful.


Sash Ka’s painting, Eternity, hangs in the treatment room of my physiotherapy practice and these are so often the words used to describe it.  Very little else in my clinic seems to be noticed, yet Eternity tends to capture the eye and calm the spirit.  My job is to resolve physical pain and the painting plays its part.

Serene, tranquil, peaceful.

John Mc Namee

Chartered Physiotherapist

The Bog

The Bog becomes more meaningful to me the longer I own this painting.

It is hung in my attic space where I write, and reflect. The sun catches the myriad of colours that seep and flow through it. It cascades at times. Other times- it stretches and widens into acres. It deepens into layers. I experience depth and tranquillity as I remember the landscape of bogland that I knew as a child. There are moments when it is submerging.

It is always so beautiful to me.

Eva Armstrog


I am a huge fan of Sash Ka’s work. She has such a very individual and distinctive style.

As soon as I saw the painting that now hangs in my living room, I was transported to one of my favourite places in Inishowen. Her unique use of colour and texture is extraordinary and gives the painting a wildness and ruggedness that I associate with Donegal. The more familiar I become with how Sash Ka works and the work itself, the more I realise how important it is for her that those of us who view them have our own individual interpretations.

Wishing Sash Ka every success in the future and looking forward with intrigue to her next exhibition already!

Ursula McHugh


Phoenix is not a passive piece of Art. It reinvents itself every time I look at it.

A carousel of colours, it refuses to sit silently on the wall, it is a vibrant, energetic, ferocious, defiant piece that is interpreted differently by everyone who sees it.

Some people are challenged by it, most people love it, but everyone who sees it agrees that it demands their attention. It is a central focal and vocal piece in or room and it is our great pleasure to be in possession of such an original piece of Art.

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