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IN HOUSE Gallery of Abstract Art

On a quiet street in the heart of DERRY/LDERRY is the home of IN HOUSE GALLERY, the place to find a unique painting for your home. Sashka Sheils is an abstract artist who has exhibited and sold her work throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Philippines.

She is now opening her IN HOUSE gallery for private viewings and invites you to her official opening on the 13th December 2023 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm for a glass of bubbly and a mince pie.

The paintings of Sashka Sheils are inspired by memory and journeys through the subconscious. Her paintings, while abstract, have an organic relationship to sea, sky and land.

For private viewings, please call this number 07794375707

STRATA Exhibition

10th August – 4th September 2020

Alley Theatre, Arts and Conference Centre

‘Strata’ was among the first post Covid-19 art exhibitions in Northern Ireland when it opened on 10 August at the Alley Theatre in Strabane.  It had originally been scheduled to open on 23 March,  the day lockdown began in the UK.

Sash Ka speaking to Eve Blair on BBC Radio Ulster



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