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Sash Ka’s interest in art has come about through her desire to express that which is not meant to be expressed through words.  Through her love of philosophy, her extensive work in the field of Occupational Therapy and Psychotherapy and her formidable drive to be free to sculpture her own choices and her own destiny, Sash Ka has cultivated a bold uncompromising style through her freedom with paint and canvas.Sash Ka commits fully to the unknown and the journey. From a place of trust she enters into a relationship with the canvas, paint, colour and the space . The painting begins to emerge through the energy that is generated from a felt sense rather than a need to impose form.

The process replicates life in so far as we are all on a journey and what we share as human beings is the unknown –

What will turn up?
What will fall from the sky?
Who will arrive in our lives, unexpected to guide us and teach us more about being human?

The work embodies life’s journey. We are transitioning all the time and leaving traces. It can never be fixed; we cannot stop it, we are always on the constant, strange – yet at times comforting – ambiguous journey of life.

After many years living in London, where her three children were born, she now lives in Derry/LDerry, Northern Ireland.For many years Sash Ka was happy to paint in her studio at the top of the house.  It is only in the last 7 years she has exhibited her Art in response to growing requests for private commissions. She has exhibited all over the North West of Ireland and is currently preparing for a forth coming exhibition at the Alley Theatre, Co Tyrone.


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